Happy Birthday Mom!

Dedicated to the most childlike senior citizen I know!


Words are not enough and that’s why we have love. In this Europe trip you did three things for me. You showed me the incredible Duomo in Milan with all the wonderful sculpture that woke me up from my recent cynicism – ” Mom, I am not interested in this, all cities are the same .” After we sat in the café in Milan and talked about your book and you saw how I work and how I am, you told me- ” You are an artist” which made so many things simpler and more understandable for me. Third, and perhaps the best, you started laughing when I described my troubles. In this particular case the world economy and the Chinese stock market were crashing, I didn’t have any of my software, didn’t have a good internet connection, and was homeless in Reykjavik, Iceland. Any “normal” mother would have sad and or horrified. Instead you said- well this is what makes you have stories. Figure it out. But it is so FUNNY…. And laughed harder and harder :)


My “gift” to you this year is the perspective of normal people :) Most “normal” people are not brave enough to be uncomfortable for other people. Most of our actions are out of fear/insecurities or greed for ourselves. On the other hand, your actions arise from fear for other people’s well-being and an intense desire for their progress. You have no time left for your own.

No more! This is also not compassionate. We are all the same and you know it in a very deep way. So now you should only be uncomfortable for your own deep connection because it will naturally connect other people.


Now what is your deep connection? I will take a shot at describing it. You have an uncommon ability to see the common thread in humanity. You relate to people and even animals in little actions like relieved smiles at the sight of water when thirsty. Most people are so oblivious to this deep unity that they only touch it when it hits them over their head a few times in their lives- when their children are born, or when some “big event” happens. You touch it constantly. And now with your writing and art you need to express this and show it to people. Your art will touch them and make them happy and honestly and fully express your unique characteristics – just like Bruce Lee said.


I have always experienced this unity and deep love because I am lucky enough to be your son. I have not always appreciated it and been angry when I don’t see you do something for yourself. But you helped me be free of this anger and go towards my best self. That is why even though you don’t speak Italian , the Italian village loved you.


God bless you and happy birthday!




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